Podcasts are a wonderful way to present history to the public. You can listen on the go, while doing homework, the options are endless! I, myself, love to listen to podcasts so I understand the appeal. Here is where you can find links to my podcast episodes, available on most streaming platforms.

This is a link to the playlist for my A-Z Podcast. I talk about creepy things from A-Z with my roommates.

The A-Z Podcast is something I do for fun. I often spend my time going down Wikipedia rabbit holes so I decided to record me talking about creepy things with my friends. I really enjoy it and I hope you do too. A word to the wise, there is some adult language and triggering topics so listener discretion is advised.

This episode was an assignment for class. I co-hosted with Amber Anderson, a classmate, and we talked about weird things in San Antonio, Texas.

This episode was for an assignment for class but it made me realize how much fun podcasting is. I worked with my lovely classmate, Amber Anderson, and we had a blast telling each other about weird things in the history of San Antonio.